Residents Enjoying Lunch at The Neighbors in Menomonie, WI

Volunteer with The Neighbors of Dunn County

Volunteers are the consistent community connection for our nursing homes. This connection is extremely vital because residents need to know that the community in which they have spent their productive years still remembers them. Community persons also feel a need to know their community members who live in the nursing home. Volunteers provide a crucial link between the residents, the facility and the community which helps to fulfill those needs.

If you’d like to volunteer, please fill out the online Volunteer Application form. Volunteers under age 18 will also need to fill out the Youth Authorization form. Click here to download and print the youth form to your computer. 

Please send the youth form to Sally Rocque, by mail: 2901 Forbes Avenue
Menomonie, WI, 54751. Or through e-mail:

For more information, please contact Sally Rocque, Volunteer Coordinator, at (715) 231-4589.

Residents Gardening at The Neighbors in Menomonie, WI
Resident and Nurse Enjoying the Weather at The Neighbors

Types of Volunteers

  • Individual Volunteers – As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities. We will match your interests with those of our residents. You can assist with programming in small groups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These programs vary by the interest of the volunteer and the needs of our residents.
  • Entertainers – You can demonstrate your special talents to our residents either individually or as a group.
  • Community Group Volunteers – Community-oriented clubs and organizations are welcome to volunteer on a regular basis or for a special event.
  • Clergy or Religious Service Volunteers – Volunteers are utilized to help meet the spiritual needs of our residents.
Resident and Nurse Playing Games at The Neighbors

Volunteer Opportunities

  • We take our residents on a variety of outings, which include the Senior Center, shopping, picnics, restaurants, the casino, mystery trips, and many more!

  • Neighbors-Volunteer-Scrolling
    Making cookies with the residents.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Playing a few rounds of BINGO.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Packers tailgate party.

Volunteering Details

We would love for you to share other volunteer opportunities with us that you think would benefit our residents and the facility. You must be 14 years old to volunteer unless accompanied by an adult. Volunteer hours are flexible and you can volunteer any time between 9 am – 9 pm any day of the week.