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Short term Rehabilitation at The Neighbors

Short-Term Rehabilitation For Seniors

The Neighbors of Dunn County offers a complete rehabilitation program for individuals needing to recover from an injury or recent surgery and for our permanent residents to maintain their overall health. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Therapy is provided 6-7 days a week throughout the day to work with each patient’s schedule and meet their needs as well as progress through their program in a timely fashion. Upon program completion, patients are given exercises as part of our restorative program to further assist them in their progress. Depending on the needs of the patient, we also provide out-patient rehab complete with its own private entrance.

Giving Patients Independence 

Our goal at The Neighbors is to help our patients make great strides in their rehabilitation so they can ultimately return home or get back to their daily lives as residents while functioning at the greatest level of independence.

Best Nursing Homes Award 2016-2017
97% of residents of The Neighbors rated their satisfaction as good to excellent!

Major Life Event Care – Cardiac and Stroke Aftercare

Cardiac Arrest Aftercare

It is important that we make sure our patients’ blood pressure and cholesterol are in good health, dietary needs are kept in check and exercise is utilized to promote optimal health after major events such as a heart attack. 

Stroke Aftercare

Because stroke survivors are at high risk for having another one, we take stroke treatment with the utmost seriousness at The Neighbors. Our skilled Doctors and nurses consider medications, diet and exercise, regular assessments and doctor visits, attitude and behavior changes, and therapy treatment such as motor-skill exercises to help improve muscle strength and coordination, mobility training, and range-of-motion therapy.

For further information regarding therapy, please call (715) 231-4587.