Care Specialties

Care Specialties at The Neighbors

Whether patients are visiting The Neighbors of Dunn County for short term rehabilitation or residents are with us for their long term care needs, our goal is to make them feel at home. From our therapy equipment and facilities to our passionate medical staff, you or your loved one will receive the best care at The Neighbors. We adhere to a high standard of excellence for everyone that walks through our doors no matter how big or how small their medical needs may be.

Our medical staff, consisting of on-site nurses and physicians, is dedicated to caring for each of their patient’s medical needs. They are highly-educated and have compassion for each and every individual that receives care.

Care Specialties
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Dedicated to Caring

The Neighbors adheres to a high standard continuity of care. The quality of care our patients and residents receive is not only in the immediate short term, but also long term and involves everyone working together to provide the excellent care to create the best results possible both now and for the future.