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Making Crafts with Residents at The Neighbors of Dunn County in Menomonie, WI

Help Support The Neighbors by Making A Donation

There are a number of simple ways you can donate to The Neighbors of Dunn County to help make a difference in our residents’ lives:

  1. Memorialize your personal donation or the memory of a loved one who resides or has resided at The Neighbors by purchasing an engraved brick. Your purchase will also help in the development of our forthcoming Memorial Garden for which your engraved brick will be laid in its patio. To purchase your choice of engraved brick visit:
  1. Choose from one of several other types of donations as follows:
    • Life Enhancement / Activities for Residents
    • New Transportation Vehicles for Residents
    • Household Furnishings, Fixtures or Equipment for Residents

Make a Lasting Impact

These things, both big and small, make a big impact on our residents no matter what size the donation. Help make a lasting impact here at The Neighbors by donating today.

If donating to one of the items discussed in option #2, please complete the form on this page or download and print the PDF donation form. Thank you very much. We appreciate your support.