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Physical Therapy at The Neighbors in Menomonie, WI

Long-Term Nursing Care For Seniors

Often there comes a point when people are no longer able to live independently and safely in their homes anymore which is where our long-term care program becomes the perfect option. Long-term care is meant for people needing full-time, assisted care by professional medical nurses and physicians. Although our residents may not be able to go back to their own home, we do our very best to make our community and facilities feel just like home. 

We also offer long-term support of our patients with on-going and chronic illnesses and ailments with specialized wound care, delicate intravenous (IV) therapy, and on-going memory treatment and care.


Best Nursing Homes Award 2016-2017
97% of residents of The Neighbors rated their satisfaction as good to excellent!
Resident room at The Neighbors in Menomonie, WI

We Make Sure Our Residents are Comfortable

At The Neighbors of Dunn County, we make sure that our residents are well cared for not only with larger medical concerns, but also with day-to-day tasks like careful and consistent repositioning and feeding.

Residents smiling

Your Loved One Will Be Well Cared For

We take great pride in caring for our residents. With our modern and community-centered, yet private facilities, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will be well cared for in a respectful, healthy, and comfortable environment.